Beer, Glorious Beer!

A Hashers' Guide to Belgian Beers

To the beer lovers Belgium is certainly a beer paradise. Back in July 2014 a group of hashers led by Higgins and Yark Sucker decided to invite the hashing world for "Brussels 2014 - A Beer Odyssey" in Brussels and beyond. Over the leading 12 months we compiled and published several beer-related articles in Harrier Magazine. 

Here's the result of that extensive research and field work, put together as a special free on-line edition by Bimbo and team. 


A wonderful blog on Belgian beers and chocolates

What happens when an Irish guy meets a Belgian girl around a smoky campfire in Peru? She offers him a piece of Belgian chocolate, he returns the favour with some beer and they start talking about... tastes of beer, chocolate and adventure. Eventually Breandán and Elisa moved together in Flanders and started Belgian Smaak ("taste" in Flemish), an impressive English-speaking blog focusing on their passions. Two must-read beer sections to highlight are a short review of the Top-30 beer festivals in Belgium and how to identify 15 common off flavours.

Where to drink good beers in Brussels

Regularly tried and tested here are the 20 most authentic places (according to Higgins) to enjoy Belgian brews, some of them with great food. Many are within walking distance of Grand Place, sometime hidden at the far end of a cul-de-sac, yet all are easily accessible by public transport.

Have a look at the page Brussels Bars in the menu!