BMPH3 History

Founded: 15-APR-1990 by One-Way Dick ex-Dhaka H3 (Bangladesh)

Motto: We never run ... out of beer!

The real name of Brussels' best known little boy is "Manneken Pis" which - in local Brusseleer dialect - means "boy peeing". Don't trust us but check his own web site at (don't miss the history section).

The responsibility (?) of the mis-spelling of "Manneke Piss" must be attributed to our illustrious first GM, Cor "Blimey" Schouten - a Dutch diplomat of great Hash presence.

There is no copyright on a century-old public monument but it might have been that we wanted to avoid any possible whining from the locals or maybe some kind of joke? Perhaps Blimey himself will come out of retirement one day to give us the final say ... The mis-spelling of "Piss" seems obvious. "On On the Piss" appeared at least once on BMPH3 T-shirt.

For the most recent members, it might not be known that we officially presented our very own costume to cover the boy on the first day of spring back in 1992. When I say "officially", I mean it (costume # 522). The dressing of Manneken Pis, hidden behind the flag of Brussels, was preceded by a reception at the city hall where we were served the local sparkling specialty: Gueuze.

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I'm with you on this matter. But just for fun I'd like to note that the origin of "manneken" is the old Flemish/Dutch word "mannekin" (puppet like a man) which was exported to France and Britain as "mannequin" (at the time when the French and British came here to understand what fashion is about).

The only professional and correct translation of "Manneken Pis" would therefore be "Mannequin Piss". I doubt however if our male and, more importantly, our female hashers would love to be member of the "Brussels pissing mannequins hash" (BPMH3).

The Dutch founding father who misspelled the whole thing might have realised this. Or maybe he just lost control (even more likely, according to me).

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