Membership is open to any adult (16 year-old and over) who has completed 5 trails with BMPH3. It is validated once a membership form has been received and the lifetime membership fee of €25 paid to Hash Ca$h. 

What does it get you?

  • Attendance milestone awards
    (Run 10-50-100-150-200 and every 100 runs after 200)
  • Run count posted on the website
  • Discount on the BMPH3 Christmas Party
  • Voting rights for potential hashy referenda
  • Any other cool stuff that MM decides

Welcome to our newest members!

587    Had So Many (Manuela)       24 May 2024

586    Wax My Plank (Maarten)      13 Aug 2023

585    Chorizo Lover (Mary)            30 Apr 2023