BMPH³ Trail 1858 - New Year's Trail! - Sunday 1 January 2023 @ 14:00
Hare: Jamie
Start: Zellik Station car park.

There I was at fourteen hours and ner another to see,

 The station close, but no Hashers in sight was this a quiet day to be?

I had my sandwich, book read I and deshelled peanuts many,

There on the bench alone sat I and Hashers there were not any.

Then four tyres screeched and an exhaust roared,

As a brake hove into sudden view,

Three Hashers waved hard from its interior as onto

The car park the rapid racer flew! *1

Out they piled and smiled, that they had the start eventually found,

As a cyclist I hadn't appreciated that car-park signs did not abound,

Store that in my memory banks for the next time that,

A Hash from here is styled at.

So there we were Hashers four,

The weather looking like it could get dirty,

But away we went Eurocrap, Kilty and I,

Plus Lightfoot all the way from Turkey.

The pace they blistered over the bridge with its famous helical ramps,

The streets beyond checked quickly and the trail direction defined,

So up the hill and well on the trail,

The runners were well inclined.

Above the strange named Pivo site, down the hill and thank, *2

Wondering at the strange construction of the new National Bank,

As the bend was checked then gone around,

The patter of feet heading east was the only sound.

I'd bored out the nozzle of my chalk-squirting bottle,

More flour to dispense for marks now laid beside the fence,

Then to the fields we took for an assault on the ring,

The speeds high rate a compensation, for the traffic sounded dense.

Lightfoot had a way of finding false trails,

That slower runners could well envy,

We went under the ring and he found two more,

But it didn't start a frenzy.

They ran through the thicker part of Laerbeek woods on their own,

To save me dragging the bike through the leaf-clogging mudguard zone,

Then to avoid the weather after Fox Crap bridge,

We made our way back home.

There to commune with beer and Kilty's special winter mix,

Before returning to Brussels from the sticks.


*1 - Not true about the driving style, but you have make these lines fit together somehow!

*2 - New past tense of 'thought.'

On on and on-----------------------------------Jamie.