Christmas Poem


Here's the Christmas poem that goes with the slideshow!  (tip: open the slideshow first in a new window, and play it while you have the poem next to it!)

On On!

Hash Xmas Poem 2020


which goes hashily along with the Slide Show

It's been a very strange year
of that we can be sure
and no-one seems to have a clue of how long we still have to endure

Much accustomed to consuming alcohol as every real hasher must
now we're using 40% gel every day
so in our compatriots we can trust

But let's look back on happier times just over twelve months ago
when we donned our gowns and tuxes and drank and danced a go-go

Don't we all look so elegant
Even very 'sage'
funny there are no pics of those annihilated by Sex Reject or his entourage

Hashing in the afternoon
to make sure to work up a thirst
and then the Hangover Run next morning tasty bitches - but who came off worst?

Remember when we could go running in packs of any amount
and then have a circle and down-downs and runs easy for Yark to count

National Days could be celebrated with wine and delicacies to relish communal rituals such as the Haka and double-time dancing to finish

Life all seemed so simple
over the weather we'd moan and worry but I think we'd all give anything
to go back to those days in a flurry

Meeting up in pubs
or invited to a hasher's apartment
careful if he lives on the 6th floor
no lift and you're waiting a hip replacement!

You can't keep hashers down for long
not allowed to meet just a hiccup
virtual pre-laid trails were the answer
then Zoom circle with your own drink pick-up

Friday night drinks moved to Zoom and there was plenty to probe
out came hats, dogs and shots
and hashers from all ends of the globe

From bonnie Scotland, Denmark, Brazil, across in the U.S. and Jamaica Germany, the Netherlands
and Lady Bla Bla from his new Shed-a.

Never mix business with pleasure
was what Pink learnt one of those nights Now her colleagues salute her
after Pink Tits came up in bright lights

Some hashers just can't help compete but with nowhere to really run
it was who had the best screensaver - Covid really tested our idea of fun!

Luckily no-one had to drive home
or they would have been asleep at the wheel So much easier to collapse on the sofa
to the lull of all that hasher spiel.

The pubs being shut was a disaster
but for others it was more about the hair
what's wrong with a chance for it to grow longer? On some it looks good - to be fair!

Or if you don't like your roots showing just reach for hats or wigs
and if all that hair starts to annoy you just put it up in tail-pigs.

Bestiality's best boys
and here's a pick of the best pussies, llamas, Batman & Robyn and Wilson having a Sunday rest

In summer we could get out
as there was a brief respite
bars and restaurants were open yippee, drinks outside on Friday night!

Trails there are just too many
to mention them one by one
but as you can see from the photos every week we had hashing fun

Whether on a truly set trail
or just a local walk or saunter
the important thing was to get out staying socially distant of course-a

Meeting up for circle
was still a big no no
but we did find ways for beer stops which we all loved - ho ho ho

Yark & Rumple were ingenious
lowering beers down in a basket
but if you overstepped the social distance mark one of them would blow a gasket!

Hidden parks and gardens
There were new ones to discover and we managed to drink our beers without having to run for cover.

Summertime and hip hip hooray we could get back to circle and run French and Belgian national days we all could have our haring turn.

Social distance stretching
and even new haberdash
look at these lovely ladies in pink giving you all a flash!

Happy smily people
even when they are soaking wet except perhaps when lost on trail where have the markings been set?

SideShitter just keeps on growing but he's still too young for beers
his meltdowns can be forgiven when he comes with a smily cheers!

Just Seija and Just Diana
two newcomers who decided to stay
One is now called Pimpy Mom something the other awaits her naming day

Nick nack paddywack
give the dogs a bone
but most weeks it was a question of who'd left it at home?

Masks are of course compulsory unless you're moving at a pace
and as you can't drink beer on the go just wear it instead on your face.

One distinguished hasher amongst us an Ambassador no less
dear Mussels is now in hash heaven we will so miss his jolliness

Not one for airs and graces
even if he'd once worked for the King ready for dressing up or down (or in mud) and doing his own thing

Our thoughts are with Sex Ed and Mirthe they are far away down under
we look forward to welcoming them back when will that be, I wonder?

Beer beer and don't forget wine
nothing like deliveries to put out the fire
Beer Project, Crush and Cantillon
Without them, lockdown would have been dire!

For putting this slide show together
thanks to Rumple, Snakes and Sugar Tits looking back it's not been such a bad year thank you hashers for not making it the pits.

So let's raise a glass for Christmas
and also for the New Year
and be grateful that we don't have to worry about every running out of beer!

ON ON!! Scoobidua