Running up That Hill!

BMPH³ Trail 1874

Those were the days with the steam railways and monsters of iron a great,

Plumes of smoke and steam rising in streams, then as now quite often late!

I remember my first time in a steam engines cab shunting goods in Wellington's Yard,

But today we opted for an electric-loco trip, the Hash was marking its card.

One remembered the old lines about the little lad at the station,

Asked the station master 'Why when people have babies,

Animals have young, birds have chicks and that's all fine,

Why don't big trains have little trains that we would see on the line?'

The station master said 'That's because all the trains here pull out in time!'

The bicycle carrying carriage was of course not easy to find,

They never know where its going to be in carriages line,

They said that computers would solve that before they came in,

Time to think again soothsayer, think again!

At Heist-op-den-Berg a search finally congregated an unruly crew,

Without Bleeding from Below, to be there at the start would never do!

But Too Hot to Trot was not beaten and set out the chalk after chocolate eating,

Then the rain got going as we left the station, the rain now downward beating.

The Berg with its water tower gave an interesting view,

The pack somewhere distributed behind as Blue Willy and I shot through,

Out of the town and the ground a little shy on marks,

But on the lovely scenery we both remarked.

Our trail took us beside a field ploughed almost up to the edge,

With four tasty looking alpacas looking over the hedge,

Then though a many pathed wood with lush greenery full,

Perhaps the marks were in green,

That would explain why they remained unseen.

Then along roads with water running and their gutters full,

Seeing the pack behind when we reached the Lancaster crew memorial.

But then after on-on alone through various tracks we went on,

Wondering where on earth the others could have gone,

Apparently there was a hairpin loop beyond the memorial,

But we had missed the marks and just carried on.

More narrow roads and woodland tracks followed,

Then out of the country and onto the streets

There was beer car waiting, but locked,

Twas another few minutes till other Hashers we'd meet!

Gradually all quaffed at the car, but left some to drink at the station,

Many said that they were rather damp when in that location,

I think that they could only dream,

Of being as dryly clad as the Danish brimmed-hat team.

The Down Downs flowed as the penalties were given,

Almost all of them with some truth within them,

Of the return we then had to be aware and head back to the train track,

With everyone gone as we passed on the train, apart from Eurocrap.