Ho Ho Ho Hashers Run

Trails: One trail with three length options: 7km (L), 5km (M) and 3 km (S). Follow arrow for your preferred length at both splits. 2 blobs and you're on.

Just a few checks.

Where though were they that merry band of buggers?

Thought I while coasting slow down Puttestrat

Where were any of the captains of the lugger,

Was the Hash somewhere else at that?

Then from the sombre grey emerged a Higgins,

Yes it was the one that I thought I did know,

Not the one who wrote 'The Eagle has Landed'

But the one off 'Hawaii Five- Oh,' Uh oh! Ho Ho Ho!

'The trail in that direction you will find' said he,

Pointing a fly type fingold and grinning merrily,

So the seven kay option Eee Jay and I did take,

Almost immediately meeting TCM and Scoobs,

Also grinning mightily and coming the other way,

'Could be skiddy on bikes' they both did say,

With Pink and Sugar with us a formidable team in theory we could be,

But we bikers took a wrong turn and after some excursions in the mire ,

The bikes became a team of one number less than three.

T'was some fine undulating country that we traversed,

Via paths, meadows and forests,

The steps were sometimes a bit of a trial,

But when I get the crossbar on my shoulder I exhibit some style,

Ed:- 'Then your definition of style is different than ours by a mile!'

A stream we did follow along the bottom of a field,

Then a road took us to some brewery kit on a roundabout,

And a proliferation of hash walkers milling about,

A few said that they hadn't seen me for some while,

So I told some jokes and they wished,

That they hadn't seen me for even more of a while!

Under the rails and up the hill to a car park and more than one beer,

A few visits from normally blue-clad organizations that wondered,

Just what we were doing there in a car park full of beer,

Then the railway catchers left, but shortly after reappeared,

A demise on the lines had cancelled any more trains,

But enough spare car seats got them back to the Brussels again,

They would have been back before me with my tow-path trip on my bike,

Avoiding people and cyclists with no lights looming out of the night.

On on and on-----------------Jamie. )From 20.12.2020: 'Better late than never or is it better never than late?(
With one apology to Stanley Unwin (decd)