The CCB Summer Bash Extravaganza (15 July 2023)


BBBonjour Bashers!
Presenting... a BMPH3 event: the 2023 Summer Guinguette Bike Hash (BASH) where we cycle around some of the greener parts of our city, stopping off for refreshments at the conveniently located pop-up summer bars.

Oh at Guinguette Maurice assembled that intrepid band,

First one then two, then a trio, that was enough to break out the bio,

Darn it beer, but I've been trying to fit in another 'o',

So seated and drinking were we when quorate we became,

Then the Harriot's decided that the time to roll was now and the same.

They led us along some of Park Fifties dusty tracks,

With some stone steps to encourage concentration,

Then Montgomery bound were we,

Having got over the earliest hesitation.

We then whizzed down to Woluwe Saint Pierre,

Not literally wizzed as in 'The Economist' in July did air,

Now what was the date, I think it was the fifth,

That said 'It takes great skill to urinate off the side of a moving bicycle.

Tom Pidcock did so after zooming down the Col du Galibier used his gift,

During the 12th stage of last year's Tour de France.'

For any us that would be as easy as doing the Charleston Dance!

Then upwards went Avenue de Tervueren, no choice but to follow,

Then pave slope to the Red Cloister rum-shot-stop, Ground Control controlled,

Then more pave jostled our bones about as we were Parc Seny bound,

After onward and onward our way to Herman de Brew* we found.

Pink had been texted a few times, met us at the Hippodrome Boitsfort,

The Woodpecker Drohme where Rumple and Yark also rolled up,

Then the booze and snacks flowed until sticks were upped by even the hard ones,

Next on the list was the pop-up at Bois de Cambre,

By Google Gaps called 'An English style park and gardens.'

We hid from the sun neath brollies some of which were fairly handy,

Swapping tales with the new arrivals, Squirty and Sandy.

Parc Duden was next upon the list courtesy of Guinguette Emile,

Where Sir Mick Mack and Wax My Moule into the scene did steal,

They chef kindly gave some olive oil and garlic,

Truth to be told it was me that blagged it,

To be sure it was good enough to drink and some of us tried it,

Then we freed up Chorizo Lover's cables, at least the ones on her bike were lubed with it.

We swooped down apiece to the valley, the Hare lost one or two thanks,

The steep ascent back up caused some grumbling in the ranks.

Guinguette Parc Royal Julien Beer stop was next in the Warande Park,

Serenaded were we all by a tango ensemble, plus 'Sshed a bit by security,

For once it wasn't me that was the one that was loud, what a good day,

But the Hash being the Hash I was the one that got the blame anyway!

We got underway to a few drops of rain and thought that we might be lucky,

But it wasn't for us and before Coucou Ambiorix the weather turned mucky,

There had been an accident earlier in the day , the Boss said 'No parasols here,'

But he relented when we said we'd erect it ourselves and also buy some beer,

The heavens opened and us rats sheltered, some bemused locals as well,

One of them bought us all a drink, so we actually did fairly well.

Annoyance when I realised I had lost the pocketed shirt that I wore to the start,

Must have been at one of the stops when accessing peanuts, tools or art,

Would please those that don't like epaulets said they looked too military,

This is one cotton bolt whose sight I won't see again habitually.

And there was naïve me, that for all these years,

As I thought that it was only gamblers that lost their shirts.

I turned for home as it was downhill, hoping not get wet yet again,

The others cycled through the rainbow to the Guinguette at Cinquantenaire,

A great day was had by all, thanks again to the hare,

Might not have worked but it did and we were the witnesses there!

      *In the distant past Herman de Brew was a noted Hash biermeister. Ed.

Excellent t̶r̶i̶a̶l̶ trail Becks, thanks to you, Puss in Boots and ground Control!

       On on and on------Jamie.