The Return to Erps-Kwerps!


BMPH³ Trail 1865

Apologise must I first to Eurocrap, whose excellent trail in Evere I was at,

Lines wrote not I as I ran out of time,

Researching all those embankments we were on,

As I thought that they were for old railway lines in times long gone.

Alas alack I left not on time, ten minutes earlier and I would have been fine,

But ended up with an instance of bettering the Google Gaps time,

The F3 cycleway was breeze and nothing like a pain,

Also pleasant to ride as I've viewed it many times from the train.

Alas alack on arrival there the pack had fled and I missed the marks by the hare,

But the land was flat and the roads were good,

So I checked both sides of the rails,

As any good cyclist should.

I heard but one female yell of 'On on' floating directionless on the air,

With no helpful pedestrians around to ask 'Did it come from over there?'

But the asphalt called and my hearing was clear as I scanned the sound spectrum,

It was as empty as an invisible speculum. *1

Then by the augers of a random countryside sewage treatment works,

I saw a sign upon a path and knew then where the trail lurked,

Turning tyres on light mud no problem at all,

But the wheel-mudguard jamming leaves were to no normal persons taste at all!

Then I heard a call and proceeded along a while,

Then a yellow shirted colleen hove into view with style,

Swapped a sentence then she was on her way,

Not tarrying, her place ahead of the pack to maintain.

We all then eventually arrived back at the road,

With a view of the augers I was again bestowed,

'I bet you that someone, somewhere has ridden up one of those' said I to Yark.

'It would certainly be a one way trip' was her answering remark. *2

Then asphalt and track alternated like thread and cloth curved and bent,

And the hippopotami bathing in the famous mud pools of Herent, *3

The magic of the beer-stop and then a gentle way,

Back to the end by down-downs to be swayed.

*1 Couldn't think of anything else to rhyme with 'spectrum.'

*2 EU Politically Correct Directive 25497698/Repression Of Engineers. G6629512. (To be placed in Testicular Rummagers Archive.) Engineers not allowed to swap jokes that may involve riding an auger. Any of a limited IQ over-hearing may take things seriously and try and ride said auger. Harm to some/any/lots of fictitious persons, be they possessing of idiocy in the family or not, may by dint of ambulance, hospital, mortuary, funeral expenses etc be a burden to wider society. Signed: Lova Biggerstaff. Fart-arsed Rule Dept.

*3 No hippopotami there really, but required by Inclusion Directive 4843/ztit/ G41,256 (c) to bulk up any writing with wild animals. The turn of hippos this week.