BBBonjour Bashers!
Presenting... a BMPH3 event: the 2023 Summer Guinguette Bike Hash (BASH) where we cycle around some of the greener parts of our city, stopping off for refreshments at the conveniently located pop-up summer bars.

Those were the days with the steam railways and monsters of iron a great,Plumes of smoke and steam rising in streams, then as now quite often late! I remember my first time in a steam engines cab shunting goods in Wellington's Yard, But today we opted for an electric-loco trip, the Hash was marking its card.
Cycling over from Schaerbeek, singing my favourite tunes,I'd like to say in a sort of way there's nothing like alcohol,There's nothing like alcohol good crew, be it spirits, beer or wine,So be sure that the Hash has got plenty to drink and I'm sure they'll run just fine!
Well the Hash assembled in the sun,The look of the weather...
In the early afternoon the sun shone,
But it did not actually shine in Tervuren,
The Hash arrived well turned out and happy,
But just then the weather turned rather crappy.

Behind the museum the trail came and went,
Driven by the marks or representations thereof that also came and went,
So people arrived in places without knowing how,...
Apologise must I first to Eurocrap, whose excellent trail in Evere I was at,Lines wrote not I as I ran out of time,Researching all those embankments we were on, As I thought that they were for old railway lines in times long gone.Alas alack I left not on time, ten minutes earlier and I would have been fine, But...

Event date and location for Belgian Nash Hash 2023 is finally released! More info -> Belgian Nash Hash page!



BMPH³ Trail 1858 - New Year's Trail! - Sunday 1 January 2023 @ 14:00
Hare: Jamie
Start: Zellik Station car park.